First Tuscaloosa Update

We are okay! We are still gathering information and seeing some video of the area near our rental home in T-Town (Midtown). It seems we were very lucky as many of the homes were severly damanged all around ours and Midtown is destroyed. Bob's Mom's house was not so lucky in Wood Manor.

We know of one very close friend that has lost their home and their vehicles as well. Bob is headed up this morning as he was going yesterday before the weather got bad. I'm sure there is so much more that I don't want to learn ahead but I am not aware of any deaths of family or friends at this time (thank the lord)!!! The devestation is unbelievable to see.

We plan to cook up some turkeys and offer plates to those affected by the storm. I'll post more after Bob arrives and we get a better handle on things.

Thank you all for your heartfelt worries!!!

Patty & Bob

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