Artie Childs in Bon Secour, AL on 04/18/12

 I guess you may wonder, why I call myself the Fireman. I went to work for the Hoover Fire Department In December of 1971. And retired there In October of 2002. I worked with a couple of men that loved to play guitars and sing, Jim Bradley and Wallace Peek. I always knew I wanted to play as a child, and as they played and sang, I watched and listened. So to my friends Thanks for the Jump Start.

  I soon knew that I wanted to fulfill my childhood dreams of playing and singing as well. So with that said here I am today, and with the good Lords help and blessings, today I am doing what I truly love, playing, songwrting and singing.

  I moved to Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1985 and commuted back and forth to Hoover Al. every third day, two hundred and sixty miles one way. One night I went out to a new place called the Tikie, located on the beach. I sat there listening to a group called Dixie Fever, boy were they hot...

  After they finished their set the bass player came over to me and introduced himself. He said my name Is George Toller and I hope that you like what you hear. Then the lead singer introduced himself his name was Shine Powell and introduced me to the lead guitarist and singer Anthony Nobach. A girl that I was with told them that I played. Geroge asked me what I played and I promptly told him nothing.....

  Anyway George kept on insisting that I play and sing. So I went to my Condo and got one of my guitars. I returned and that very night was my first appearance on any stage. I loved It... Thanks George for believing In me and for the  Kick start....  Many years later I met my beautiful and loving wife, Catherine. And retired to the Beautiful Gulf of Mexico. We have Five Childern between us. Marie, Laura, Stacey, Brandon and Roy, and five Grand Children.

  I have had a chance to play or sit in all over this great county of ours especially Alabama coast with some of the best pickers and singers I've known. One person particular, a dear friend that I call my brother, Dennis Gossman. But I have played or sat in with so many dear friends like Brent Burns, Billy Pelletier,  Captain Eddie, Ken Smith, J.R.Owen, Alan Hartselle, Mike Nicholas, most of the old Flora Bama Gang, Gail and Larry Books, Top Hat and Jackie, Johnny Barbatos, and so many others.

So thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon somewhere on our wonderful Gulf Coast, Nashville, or somewhere on the road.

Artie Childs

     Ps. May God Bless you and keep you

          Keep on picking .

              Member of N.S.A.I.

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