Update from T-Town–Thank You All!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our employee found his missing Sister-In-Law and her child. They were in a shelter and are okay! However, we have learned that another employee only has a slab left of his home. Earlier today we delivered sandwiches to Holt High School and we took Speghetti Plates this evening. Still no phones or Internet but we opened this evening and we are planning meals for tomorow. Thank you everyone for all your offers of help. God Bless, Patty & Bob

Thank You RE/MAX, Alabama Chamber & Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism Welcom Centers!!!

RE/MAX of Gulf Shores, the ttttAlabAtheChamber, and Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism Welcome Center in Gulf Shores have been declared a “drop point” for relief items for the victims of yesterday’s deadly tornadoes. RE/MAX will be loading their moving truck with items and driving it to Tuscaloosa on Monday.

Items desperately needed include:

New clothing

New blankets/linens


New toys

Pet supplies
Cleaning supplies / bleach

Non perishable food items

New baby supplies

RE/MAX Gulf Shores 645 Gulf Shores Parkway

Accepting donations:
Friday 8:00-5:00

Saturday 9:00-3:00

Monday 8:00-12:00

Alabama Gulf Coast Area Chamber of Commerce
3150 Gulf Shores Parkway
Accepting donations:
Friday 8:00 - 5:00
Monday 8:00 - 12:00

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism Welcome Center (Gulf Shores location) 3150 Gulf Shores Parkway
Accepting donations:
Saturday 9:00 - 5:00
Sunday 9:00 - 5:00

Linda Whitlock
Alabama Gulf Coast Area Chamber of Commerce

Opening @ 4 pm today in T-Town-Plates for Tornado victims will be available

We are closed for lunch in T-Town today but we plan to open for dinner @ 4 pm. We are planning to prepare meals for the tornado victims that can be picked up later this evening. We are contacting vendors and will update as soon as the plates are available today. We have no phones working in the restaurant but we have power and the restaurant suffered no damage (thank the lord). Our prayers are with all of you during this terrible ordeal! Patty & Bob

First Tuscaloosa Update

We are okay! We are still gathering information and seeing some video of the area near our rental home in T-Town (Midtown). It seems we were very lucky as many of the homes were severly damanged all around ours and Midtown is destroyed. Bob's Mom's house was not so lucky in Wood Manor.

We know of one very close friend that has lost their home and their vehicles as well. Bob is headed up this morning as he was going yesterday before the weather got bad. I'm sure there is so much more that I don't want to learn ahead but I am not aware of any deaths of family or friends at this time (thank the lord)!!! The devestation is unbelievable to see.

We plan to cook up some turkeys and offer plates to those affected by the storm. I'll post more after Bob arrives and we get a better handle on things.

Thank you all for your heartfelt worries!!!

Patty & Bob